The Data Center is Moving to the Edge... Are You Ready?


Be ready with Rittal’s FREE Edge Infrastructure Handbook

The world of data management is getting smaller, faster, closer. Edge computing is extending the network into challenging locations where security, cooling and environmental protection become critical to success.

Rittal has created the ultimate handbook to highlight turnkey solutions for micro-data centers that are taking information technology to the edge of possibility. The Handbook is complete with one-to-one comparisons of competitive products, making your informed decision easier.

Explore the FREE Rittal Edge Infrastructure Handbook to:

  • Learn why the right IT modular enclosures can extend the life of micro-data centers
  • Analyze the cooling requirements for increased rack loads
  • Implement the monitoring and security options to protect your data
  • Discover the right power distribution solution for edge installations
Rittal partners with you in each step…bringing you into the world of edge computing.