Thermal Solutions white paper

Thermal management solutions can take the heat off your electronics

As power density of electronic components has increased, so has the impact of thermal loading and temperature rise on these electronics. Smaller electronic components and increasingly dense packaging in enclosures have made these systems much more sensitive to external influences such as temperature, dust, oil and humidity. 57% of all component failures are heat related, followed by vibration, humidity and dust respectively.

The use of air conditioners can help eliminate three of these potential system failures. (Temperature, Humidity, and Dust). This white paper provides information on air conditioner science and Rittal’s product line-up for industrial scenarios.

  • Learn how to assess the air conditioning needs at your facility via formulas
  • Discover how to read a performance chart for deeper insights and improvements in thermal management
  • Gain more understanding on the impact of humidity on electronics
  • Get the big picture on Rittal air conditioners, their types and advantages
As the use and reliance on electronics systems continues to grow in all facilities, Rittal’s free white paper will help you keep your cool no matter how hot business gets.